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December 15, 1995

Of course, mine comes first. This is the london version, where i spent 5 months:
                                         O      O      o    o
     +---+                            |---|                     o
     |   |        +----------\______  |   |____________n_______/-\____
+----+   +-----+  |                |  |\
| UCONN Women  |  | Dick Balaska   |  |   63 Queen Victoria Street    |
|    35-0!     |__| 071 815 5298   |__|    London England EC4N 4UD    |
+--------------+  +----------------+  |-/-\--/-\----------------------/
  o o      o o      O O        O O      \_/  \_/              O  O sent me a new eurotrain which is currently in production (as my sig anyway).
dik        `-._        ________-_______         "----
      //_| | \          / | |_\\
     (_____|_|__= Waterbury CT +1.203.757.6994 =__|_|_____)
     _\_____=___     ___=_____/_
Early Klingon Poetry:
Wustl, Wustl, ERR RIP MIT BOOT, BIND Wustl 
One day, i received this in the mail:
>What is the translation of Early Klingon Poetry?
So i offer an explanation:

When you are good enough to put enter your initials on a pinball machine, you get three letters. I chose "DIK".

There is a German poem,
"April, April, du weiss nicht was der will"
"April, April, you don't know what you want"
It's a well known idiom in the circles of meteorologists, schoolchildren, and men. I had a German teacher who mumbled it incessantly, So it's rhythm is burned into my brain.

My version came to me whilst setting up our internet connection.
Wustl Washington University at St. Louis. big time ftp warehouse for internet software.
ERR Typical response from the use of internet software (ftp, telnet, www)
RIP Routing Information Protocol. "Which train should i take?"
MIT Some school. They think they're rocket scientists. Lots of software for launching rockets and Linux.
BOOT Actually, BOOTP which is a protocol to get Swiss NCD XTerminals to download their software.
BIND The wonder of the internet is that packets can actually find their way to anyplace. My first head-banging attempt here ended when i found out that our Internet Provider would do it for us. All i had to do was mail him my /etc/hosts file. Sigh, BIND must be revisited soon.

**********/@@\ ****************************************
          \__/      NetManage Inc.
       W   AA   W   Home of Chameleon TCPIP for Windows
         VXXV          Technical Support
      W  VUV   W       (408)973-7171
      |_/ V \_/ __     (408)973-8272 fax
           \   [_ \    email:
            \_____/    MIME enclosures are OK 

This is from Guy. The graphic is lame, but i love the slogan.
                                _ _
                                O O 
|   Guy Mason                                          I brew,    |
|   MUST Software International                       therefore   |
|   E-mail :                               I am      |
|   Phone  : (203)845-5137  Fax : (203)845-5252                   |

Here is my priceless Scott Adams original...
Scott Adams

(Working through 223 messages today.  Yes, I read them all.)

As seen in
//= Brett G. Lemoine =====================================================\\
|| Silicon Graphics       |  "There are two major products that come out   ||
|| Server Operations, I/S |   of Berkeley:         LSD and UNIX.           ||
|| Senior System Operator |   We don't believe this to be a coincidence."  ||

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