Richard K. Balaska Jr.

46 Laurelbrook Drive
Guilford, CT 06437-1915
Cell: 203.824.2349


• C 12 years

• C++ 6 years

• 80386, 8088 9 years

• 65028 years

• Z803 years

• Java/Swing/JFC/J2EE, JavaScript, DHTML,SQL,JDBC,Tomcat4 year

• HTML, perl, CGI, Apache, PHP, XML4 years


• Professional Software Development 20 years

• Windows 3.1 - Visual C++; NetBIOS; Novell; Multimedia; User Interface; MFC; mssetup 4 years

• Windows NT/2000 5 years

• Galaxy Application Development Environment 4 years

• Network Installation; Setup; Internet; Sendmail WWW, HTML, DNS, Usenet, firewalls, PPP, UUCP 6 years

• MS-DOS 8 years

• UNIX - (5.4, SunOS 4.1.3, AIX, HP-UX, Linux) 8 years

• ISO Communications 4 years

• Video Game Development 8 years

• Project Management 5 years

• Contract Programming 4 years

• Rational Rose, Purify, MS Universal Developer


• Web Service Architecture utilities (J2EE/WSAD/RAD)

• Mini-Photolab (C++/MFC/.NET)

• Embedded MPEG2 encoder (eCos/StrongARM)

• GUI frontend rule builder for banking message translator

• XPilot for Windows - real time graphic internet game

• Widget wrapping Multimedia player (JPG AVI WAV) into Galaxy

• Win32 Setup Program (mssetup)

• Investment trader terminal (Sun/Galaxy)

• C-Phone - A video phone system for Windows 3.1

• BuckoFlower - A Windows 3.1 screen saver

• 80386 Intercard Communications Protocols

• 80386 Onboard Diagnostics

• Multiprocessor, On-line Banking Transaction System (UNIX V)

• Network Manager for Modems (Sun/OpenLook)

• MS-DOS TSR for serial communications and file transfer

• Database Report Generator (6502)

• Tunnel Runner - An Atari video game

• Music System and development tools (6502)


4485457 - Memory system including RAM and page switchable ROM

4728783 - Method and apparatus for transforming digitally encoded data into printed data strips

4754127 - Method and apparatus for transforming digitally encoded data into printed data strips


BUCKOSOFT January 1996 to Present
Contract Engineer
Contract services to the software engineering industry. Expertise in C, C++, MFC and Galaxy based product design and coding. GUI frontend to banking translator. eCos and WinCE embedded systems. MPEG2 encoding over UDP. Web Site design, coding and installation. Client list available upon request.
WIDGET WORKSHOP August 1995 to January 1996
Wrapped Lenel MediaDeveloper32 player (AVI,JPG,WAV) into a Galaxy class including SGML/vtext parsing methods. Installed Internet. Linux; firewall; http (WWW); sendmail; news; PPP dialups; DNS. Contract HTML services.
MICROGNOSIS March 1994 to August 1995
Senior Software Engineer
Ported Galaxy based investment trader terminal from SunOS to HP-UX and Windows NT. Integrated various Widget Workshop quote/field based widgets. Developed MFC 2.5 classes. Wrote Windows Setup program.
Engineering Consultant
One of 3 engineers to design and build "C-Phone", a 30 frames per second video phone system for PCs operating under Windows 3.1. Responsible for the multimedia audio interface; the Novell Netware 4.0 IPX/SPX and NetBIOS network interfaces. Also, the answering machine message storage and retrieval database and user interface.
DATASWITCH September 1991 to August 1993
Senior Software Engineer
Designed and coded the Backplane Manager for intercard transfers. Real-time Interrupt driven embedded system used 80386, 82380 and FIFOs. Designed and coded Onboard Powerup Diagnostics to test PALs and data transfer circuitry.
TELEMATIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS September 1989 to March 1991
Senior Software Engineer
Designed an International On-line Banking System for the SWIFT II network. System was multi-user, multiprocessor, multilingual and involved TCP/IP; sockets; UUCP; X11.3; SQL; message mailing; data encryption; SNA and ISO communications. Supervised 4 engineers.
GENERAL DATACOMM November 1987 to August 1989
Senior Software Engineer
Designed next generation network manager for datasets. Designed the database and automatic recovery subsystems. Used ESQL, AT&T ROSE, Sun 386i. Scheduled 12 and supervised 6 engineers.
CAUZIN SYSTEMS March 1985 to September 1987
Software Engineer
Co-Inventor Patent for techniques of encoding data on paper. In-depth knowledge of MS-DOS internals. Graphics printing: Epson, HP Laserjets, and PostScript. Designed and wrote datastrip printing programs for PCs and Apple II. Developed TSR program to read and execute datastrips.
TARGET TECHNOLOGIES January 1984 to March 1985
Software Engineer
Developed Report Generator for HomeWord Filer for Apple II, Atari 800 and Commodore 64 computers including field substitution, date manipulating and four function calculator. Maintained machine independent file system.
CBS ELECTRONICS January 1982 to January 1984
Game Designer
Patent for Custom IC - "Ram Plus". Developed Atari 2600 video game "Tunnel Runner". Reverse Engineered Atari 2600. Developed music system for Ideal Toys "Maxx the Robot".


1977 graduate from East Lyme High School
1982 - 1987 Various courses for BSCS at University of Bridgeport