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December 18, 1995

I love xpilot.

A lot.

xpilot is a multiplayer spaceship-shoot-em-up game developed by 3 guys in Northern Europe. (Pacifists hah!). You should check out The Official xpilot Home Page

After beating up on robots for a couple of years behind someone else's firewall, i finally have discovered the joys of complaining about the lag time between me and geordi.ifp.uiuc.edu.

I used to keep a set of stats on geordi.

xpilot runs on most all flavors of UNIX; but not on Windows. Unfortunately, i spend most of my time behind a PC running Windows NT so i wrote xpwho so that i could monitor the world wide xpilot action. (I rationalized writing xpmonnt as my Winsock tutorial.)

What's up with this 1 FPS server that's running on sarah???

You might notice at one of the meta servers, that i'm running a funny server:

     MAP: DoggyStyle ( 49x 50) 
     FPS: 1 
     BASES: 23 
     STATUS: ok 
     VERSION: 3.4.1 

     Bucko (dick@carash) 
sarah is an old 386 that is my internet server. This machine is not fast enough to run xpilot. However, i need to run a server because...
carash is a nice big Pentium 166 running NT.
NT!? yes, i'm porting xpilot to NT.
Boy, is that old. i have been working on XPilotNT for over a year now and it is now well on its way to being a real product. Recently, i started using a new ship. After years with my faithful finger An xpilot ship i have switched to the much more manueverable x-wing . LTJ tells me that DR.DEATH designed this ship.
While researching my lineage on a server in France (peche.ibp.fr), i discovered that i am the Bastard Son of LARDBOTTOM. He met my mother in the back of an Edsel in '59. Now i remember she always mumbled "He was much smaller than his ship size would indicate". I never knew what that meant.
One of my pet peeves is people's outdated XPilot links. So i made my own Links Page (which is of course, way outdated).
Well the BastardSonOLard name didn't last long. People always said "Hi LARD" when i showed up. I don't even look like my father (he's much fatter) so i've changed my name again. Now i use Reptar. "They say he's a dinosaur, but i love him." The name comes from Rugrats.
Because of my port to Windows, i have been accepted as an official XPilot author; i'm so honored!
These days my xpilot efforts are concentrated on trying to get the map editor up to speed. This includes adding all of the 4.0 options and getting it to work on Windows.
XPilot is a cool network based game

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